Windows 10 release special, $35 Install!!!

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windows10Windows 10 is here! fall is near, get your gear ready for the new year!!

Windows 10 this, windows 10 that, what do you take as a matter of fact!? Device Child is back with another deal at such a steal!! get your comp into style with the newly released 10!

For now, until the start of school (august 25th).. I will be upgrading computers to windows 10 for $30 (Clean install style). Windows 10 is out right now. you can upgrade today, let go of the disappointments of windows 8, let windows 7 finally be a thing of the past, and get your feet wet in the new Microsoft OS! Surely this is their good one!
Together we can make the transition into a new age of computing smoothly. SO,  I will be offering at a flat fee $30, 1. Data backup from windows 7 or 8, then I will put a fresh install of windows 10 on the computer for you, then move everything back appropriately. While I am at it. if you have any programs that needs to be installed, bring them with I would be more than happy to see if they are compatible and I will install them for you.


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