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Starting next Saturday (March 26th) until April 10tthings_to_see_in_czech_republic_bohemian_paradiseh, I will be on a much needed vacation, as much as I love the work I do and feel excited to go to work everyday, everyone needs time to relax, recharge and refocus so they can do their best in their work. I am so passionate about bringing people the best service, prices, and having a place where anyone with any level of technology knowledge, can come to get help making technology work for them, that some time off will help me to continue Device Child’s pursuit of perfection. However, I don’t want our customers to not have access to prompt, affordable and professional technology experts, so I have someone who will be handling all repairs during this time with the same level of excellence that Device Child provides. If you’re like me, you love your essential devices like children, so I am having someone who I am positive will meet or exceed the standards I set for Device Child.

headed-on-a-vacation-you-are-probably-taking-your-tech-with-you Jacob has 10 years of PC repair experience, as well as nearly 3 years working as a cell phone repair tech in addition to an additional 350-400hrs of phone repairs done working for himself. Like myself, he is passionate about electronics and the power they have to help nearly everyone to make their lives better, easier and more productive. He has the same dedication to help people getting their devices to work condition again so you can get back to doing what you do best. During my vacation, we will offer free pick-up and delivery, and Jacob will be answering all calls and social media messages, other than that, there will be no changes in the service and quality we provide.

I am very excited to have some time to relax and vacationam even more excited knowing that Device Child can still offer all our services and the same level of excellence we normally do during my time off. My passion for electronics and helping people enjoy theirs is why I started Device Child, and I am glad that I didn’t have to choose between being unable to help people or offering lesser service. I can rest assured knowing that people will receive the same level of care that they do any other time they choose us.

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