Custom Apple Parts

Glowing Apple Logo

Want your iPhone 6 or 6 + apple logo to glow? We can do that. Add unique flair to your iPhone and make it really stand out. Choose from a variety of colours and get ready to wow your friends. 


Custom iPhone 6 Cases

Maybe you already have a iPhone 6, and the case is bent up and chipped, and you would like something fresh? We have Custom colored iPhone 6 Shells, Check these out!!





iPhone 5 into a mini iPhone 6


How about if your iPhone 5/5s is bashed up and all dented, but you know you do not need to upgrade it.. are you missing out on the sleek look of the new iPhone 6 series?? Well, with the Device Child you can turn your iPhone 5 and 5s into a very cool iPhone 6 Mini.

iphone 6 mini


Original Apple Parts - iPhone

LCD, Digitizer (glass) repair prices.

iPhone 5c/5/5s - $75

iPhone 6 - $100

iPhone 6+ - $140


Original Apple Parts - iPads

LCD, Digitizer (glass) repair prices.


iPad 2 - $75

iPad 3 - $85

iPad 4 - $90

iPad Mini 1/2 - $80

iPad Air - $95