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Would you rather have a business who doesn’t tell you the whole truth (can be considered a lie) or a business who is a open book and doesn’t hide behind part truths!? Iphone repairs are a huge part of my business.. So here are the facts.


What is OEM.. OEM is ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’ Which means, the only way to get a OEM Iphone repair parts is from Apple. However, Apple does not sell repair parts for Iphone repair unless you are an authorized Apple repair center (in which they only sell parts to you to use on repairs, not to sell for someone else to use).. That my readers, this is a very difficult certification to achieve.



Here in Billings MT, there is only one business that is Iphone repair certified, which will have OEM parts, you can find them on Apple’s website, here.

There is NO WAY, to get authentic Apple parts (OEM) for Iphone repairs no matter what business or how much money you have (unless certified).  So if you cannot get OEM parts, how can you have OEM iphone repairs!? This last link I will give you, is how to accomplish becoming apple certified. so you can read for yourself on how hard it is to achieve. here

We use the highest quality Iphone repair parts we can possibly find.. We have a TWO YEAR manufactures warranty because we know our Iphone parts are of the highest standards, and unlike the cheap knock off versions you find, our iphone repair parts at Device Child are top quality. Yes, Our repair parts are aftermarket, I will not lie to you. Sometimes (once in a great while) there is a bad batch that gets sent out. Issues can arise. However,  any issue I have encountered is easily fixed from replacing the screen to a fresh one from a different batch.  With proper protection and care your new screen will last.

At Device Child we are here to support our clientele with the truth, no matter if some do not like what we have to say. We back our work and our product, no matter the price tag we put on it. We are a business who stands for the community and making sure you have correct information. Our goal is to make repairs affordable for the hard working americans. We use the same parts in our families and friends products. Everyone loves our work. Device Child has been in business for 4 years and is growing for a reason.. Come find out why 🙂

Device Child
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