Device Child, Virus repair here in Billings, MT

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Computers are needed more than ever these days, school, work, email. Yes, I am sure you can do any of the previous also on awork tablet, but take it from a professional 10 years deep into his career, I have never heard of anyone being productive in a fast paced environment using a tablet. Maybe for a check out/register, but not real paper pushing work, internet needing, professional work.

computeI know, I boast my computer repair a lot, well it’s because here at Device Child, we love fixing things, my personal favorite is fixing computers. It’s such an awesome deal. Flat rate labor, $45. I will not try to nickle and dime you, I’m not trying to reach deep into your pockets. I just want to fix yours, and everyone’s computer!

My regular price is the sale price!! $45, no matter how big the job laptop or desktop, the service fee here at the Device Child is only $45!!! Why does anyone deal with a slow problem with Device Child around!? A+ Computer Tech certified, Microsoft Certified Professional, and I have 10 years experience fixing computers and other electronics.

Do you, even compute?

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