Computer repair Lingo!!

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You might hear a bunch of different words said while visiting your neighbor hood 1337 to get a computer repair service! You’re probably scratching your head right now wondering what 1337 is and what has it got anything to do with computer repair.. it doesn’t haha, it is a preferred status for a geek pronounced ‘leet’.
So, what I will do for you is break down the computer in a verbal and visual way that will make sense for all non tech-savy 1337s out there.

1. Mobo, motherboard/main board.


I suppose I will start with the spinal cord of your computer. I would say this is the part that all the limbs plug into, and is imperative (as many others) for the general functioning of your computer. They do have issues, and if one arises in your laptop, you may be looking at upgrading your computer..


computer repair 1

2. CPU, Processor, The Brains!! Also plugs into the Mobo

The brain is smart, doing hundreds of calculations all at once  this determines the overall speed of your computer. Very reliable they hardly see issues and will out last most other parts in the computer. Which brings us to the memory!


ram2. exactly as it sounds, RAM, more known asram2memory.

As you may have heard RAM is what you can think of as short term memory. All programs currently being used on your computer reside in the computer memory. The more RAM you have, the more things/bigger things you can be doing at any given time. RAM is beefy!!

3. You know what else is beefy!? Video card… unfortunately this piece of hardware never received a cool nick name.. it’s just, video card.

computer repair
Video Card

How ever bland its name, this is a top bragging point for all geeks. Just as the name states, it is how visually appealing your games looks, while also adding an improvement to the overall PC speed because the CPU doesn’t have to do all the video rendering. This one is unique in the fact it is a little child in the loins of its MOBO. It has its own video RAM, and even its very own little baby brain, the GPU (Graphics processing unit) to attach to it’s circuit board.

Computer repair

4. So this brings us into long-term storage. This is where you will store all your happy moments, and all your music to go along with the roller coaster of life. HDD, HD, Hard disk drive, the storage, space, room…

It is like the Lamp of a Genie. For how little it looks on the outside, it can hold a plethora of data on the inside. Whether this be pictures, video, music, documents or holding all your games and saves this baby takes it all in. It will even save it when your computer has absolutely no power going to it. The computer would be virtually useless without this piece of hardware.

the-artifact-bottom-1920-12005. Last but not least.. PS, Power Supply… the.. juice box!? haha, no cool name for this one either, but just as important as anything else on this list.

This determines the potential beefiness of your Rig (computer). The faster, bigger and badder equipment you have installed the more power consumption your computer will have. Its like your truck, the bigger the engine the bigger toys it hauls!

Now that your a bit  informed in the computer repair Lingo, go out there and talk 1337 with a g33k!



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