Device Child’s: A Open Book

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Would you rather have a business who doesn’t tell you the whole truth (can be considered a lie) or a business who is a open book and doesn’t hide behind part truths!? Iphone repairs are a huge part of my business.. So here are the facts.   What is OEM.. OEM is ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’ […]


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Starting next Saturday (March 26th) until April 10th, I will be on a much needed vacation, as much as I love the work I do and feel excited to go to work everyday, everyone needs time to relax, recharge and refocus so they can do their best in their work. I am so passionate about […]

Who is Device Child!?

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  Simply, Device Child is a business run by electronic “geeks” that aims to bring affordable, quality electronic repairs, upgrades and creative solutions to everyone. Whether you are needing a simple PC Tune Up, a screen repair for your smartphone, a custom PC build or even something exotic that other businesses can’t or won’t offer, […]

Computer repair Lingo!!

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You might hear a bunch of different words said while visiting your neighbor hood 1337 to get a computer repair service! You’re probably scratching your head right now wondering what 1337 is and what has it got anything to do with computer repair.. it doesn’t haha, it is a preferred status for a geek pronounced ‘leet’. […]

Charming, elegant, and rugged

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    I’m a Montanan, and there are is a huge list of activities I absolutely enjoy participating in! Hunting, fishing, hiking, snowboarding and more!! So I need a phone that I can pull out in the roughest conditions.   It’s far past noon, a blizzard sets in, got a buck @330 yards I just drop with […]

Computer infection break down..

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In a study, 22 million computers were scanned. In that study %48 were infested with malware infections. That does not include viruses, Trojans, and other infections. If you are seeing anything out of the usual with you computer it is because you are probably infested with malware/spyware infections. You will not start seeing side effects […]

First ad!!

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Holiday season is coming!! Are you ready!? Check out our line up here, or stop by our Shop!! Take your old computer, and brush it up! Make sure it is ready to load down with family videos and pictures from this holiday season! No reason to have to wait when uploading pictures from your cell […]